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The Story So Far

Born 1968 in San Jose, California. I was known as the hippie baby (long hair at birth) around the hospital and my parents say I was very quiet and slept alot. I don't remember much about it. :-) When I was very young, my family picked up and moved to Columbus, Ohio. I don't remember much about Columbus. We later moved to Cincinnati. I remember very little except for snow, the big hill my family lived on, and being afraid of the witch in Wizard of Oz. In 1974, we moved back to California where my memory improved. I've lived on the West Coast ever since.

I grew up in San Jose and saw San Jose's transformation from a sleepy agricultural area (orchards and farms) to the world-wide center for technology and innovation. I grew up in the area known as Almaden Valley in the southern most part of the city. I attended the local public elementary school and participated in the usual youth activities of soccer, baseball, and Boy Scouts. During the seventies, soccer experienced a period of great popularity. I played soccer with abandon and loved playing even though I never had any great skill. My fascination with sports has continued through to this day. Boy Scouts taught me dedication, critical thinking (who would have thunk it?), and leadership skills.

A number of dull years passed.

In my senior of college I decided I wanted to become a computer scientist. We didn't call our selves geeks or nerd in those days but I was a geek. I attended Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, in central California. The school shied away from theory and focused on its "learn by doing" philosophy, so it was perfect for my impatient personality. In the college years, I did what all college students do: explore your identity and round our your personality, form long lasting friendships, screw around and oh, yes, get a degree. I took school seriously and enjoyed many activities whether they were legal or not. (don't ask)

Professionally over the past 20+ years I've had a number of different roles in the tech industry working with amazing individuals and teams. I have had the opportunity to create and drive many emerging technologies before they became big including multi-media, mobile computing, the Internet and invention of Infoseek search engine) and big data. I started my career as a software developer and have continued to grow my responsibilities to include stints as product executive, CTO, CEO, entrepreneur and venture capitalist. For more career history, see my resume or linkedin profile.

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